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Application and classification of air compressor

The air compressor is the main part of the air source device. It is the device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually the motor) into the pressure energy of the air. It is the pressure generating device of compressed air.
I. The use of air compressors
1 compressed air as a driving force:
A total of all kinds of pneumatic driving machinery, Sullair air compressor accessories pneumatic tool exhaust pressure is 7 to 8 kg / square centimeter, used to control instrumentation and automation equipment, the pressure is about 6 kg / cm2, automatic doors and windows, opening and closing, the pressure is between 2 and 4 kg / cm2, the pharmaceutical industry, stir in wine brewing industry the pressure of 4 kg / cm2, weft in jet loom blowing pressure is 1 ~ 2 kg / cm2, in the large diesel engine starting pressure is 25 ~ 60 kg / cm2, wells fracturing pressure of 150 kg / cm2, the "two law" about oil pressure 50 kg / cm2, high pressure blasting mining pressure is about 800 kg / cm2, the defense industry in the pressure of the compressed air as its power. The submarine's ups and downs, torpedo shooting and driving, and salvage of the sunken ship are all compressed air at different pressures as its power.
Air compressors are frequently used for five major purposes
2. Compressed gases are used for refrigeration and gas separation:
Gas is liquefied by compression, cooling, and expansion, used in artificial refrigeration (refrigeration, refrigeration, air conditioning, etc.), such as ammonia or Freon air compressors. Its compression pressure is more than 8~12 kg / cm2, and this kind of air compressor is usually "refrigerator" or "ice machine"". In addition to the liquefied gas for gas mixture, in the separation device, the components were separated, qualified to get all kinds of gas lip reading. Such as mobile air compressor liquefied air separation can be pure oxygen, pure nitrogen, and pure xenon, krypton, argon, helium and other rare gases.
Air compressors are frequently used for five major purposes
3. Compressed gases used in synthesis and polymerization;
In the chemical industry, gases compressed to high pressure are often favorable for synthesis and polymerization. For example, nitrogen, hydrogen, ammonia, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, methanol, carbon dioxide and ammonia, urea synthesis, etc.. Chemical industry, such as high-pressure polyethylene pressure of 1500~3200 kg / cm2.
4, compressed gas hydrogenation of oil refining:
In petroleum industry, the hydrogen is heated by artificial method, and it is reacted with oil after pressurizing. It can make the recombined parts of hydrocarbon cracked into light components of hydrocarbon, such as the light of heavy oil, lube oil hydrofining and so on.
5. Gas transportation:
An air compressor for conveying gas in a pipe, and a water-cooled screw air compressor determines its pressure depending on the length of the pipe. When delivering the gas, the pressure can reach 30 kg / cm2. The chlorine bottling pressure is 10~15 kg / cm2, and the CO2 bottling pressure is 50~60 kg / cm2.
The air force A.: traditional pneumatic tools, drilling machine, pneumatic, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic sandblasting
B. instrument control and automation device, such as tool change in machining center, etc.
C. vehicle braking, door and window opening and closing
D. air jet loom with compressed air blowing weft to replace the shuttle
E. the food and pharmaceutical industry uses compressed air to stir the slurry
Starting of F. large marine diesel engine
G. wind tunnel experiment, underground channel ventilation and metal smelting
H. oil well fracturing
I. high pressure air blasting mining
J. weapon systems, missile launches, torpedoes launches
K. submarine ups and downs, sunken ship salvage, submarine oil exploration, hovercraft
L. tire inflation
M. spray paint
N. bottle blowing machine
O. air separation industry

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